Southampton Mela is an annual festival held in Hoglands Park, Southampton. Hosted by Art Asia, it features local musical and dance performers celebrating traditions from all over the world.

The sun was shining and with plenty of live music, dance and activities going on it was a great day to get outside and take some photos of an awesome local event. With 3 different stages and countless performances it was inevitable that I would come away with hundreds of photos from the day, so I’ve had to pick out a few to share.

Bombay Baja Brass Band played on the grass while the dancers got some of the kids up and dancing along.

IMGP1595a.jpgUkofonics proved that no genre is beyond the scope of a ukulele, with a more varied set than one would have thought possible.

Chinese Arts Southampton put on a variety of musical and dance performances, with performers of all ages.




Dancers with Odissi, Bharata Natyam, Flamenco & Iranian dance styles came together in a performance specially choreographed for the Mela.

If you’d like to view more of my photos from the Mela contact me.