For my lovely mum’s birthday, we set off on our latest edition of our annual tradition. Every January we head off as a family for a long weekend to a cabin somewhere in the country. Last year it was Scotland, this year we took the relatively short trip to the island – of Wight, that is.


Woodland Lodge Retreat in Wooton Bridge is located right on the beach, with surrounding woodland walks. With the doggy in tow, we  set out to explore! We were lucky enough to get some sunshine for the trip so made the most of it wandering along the beach.isle-of-wight-portraits

Fletcher was in his element on the seemingly untouched natural beach – plenty of driftwood to be thrown and chased!



Before the ferry home, we took the chance to check out Cowes. The weather had taken a turn and the town was under a heavy blanket of fog. This coupled with the fact that we visited on a cold January Monday afternoon meant that it was deserted.  Wandering through the ghost town, we reached the coast and looked out onto pure white – all views of Portsmouth we had spotted the day before were completely obscured by fog. We heard the fog horn of the incoming ferry long before we could see it!

Overall, it was the perfect weekend to relax and enjoy the company of my nearest and dearest.

Happy birthday, Mum!