Last weekend we headed down to Southampton city centre for the afternoon. We went to check out the new Esplanade building of WestQuay. The area borders the old walls and, for the next couple of weeks, projections and illuminations will be light up the area each evening.



There were plenty of young’uns (and a few not-so-young’uns) running around and playing in the ever-moving light displays, creating a really chilled and fun atmosphere. Shame it was so chilly!

After a quick pit stop to grab a hot chocolate to warm us up a little, we sat and enjoyed watching the display.


Aside from the funky projections on the old walls, our favourite part of the WestQuay lights was a big square structure with loads of dangling LEDs. Its hard to put into words what it was like in there.

Check out the video to see what I mean…


My folks also happened to be in the city and, knowing this sort of thing is right up my mum’s alley, I suggested they come check it out before heading home.

Definitely worth a look if you’re around WestQuay in the next couple of weeks. The displays start at 5pm but are definitely best viewed when its a bit darker.