Oh how I took living by the seaside for granted until I moved away! Since I have been back down on the south coast I have rediscovered my love for the beach. While it may not be ideal beach weather at the mo, there are some beautiful evenings to be taken advantage of.

I took a walk down the Eastney end of the Southsea beach at sunset with the tide well on its way out. The low sun behind South Parade Pier cast these fabulous shadows across the stones.


If you look closely at the photo above, you can see the evidence of some work being done on the pier which has been closed for years. A look from below shows its current state…


The reflection of the sky on the wet sand was quite surreal. In the distance there you can just make out a fort in the Solent, and to its left an Isle of Wight ferry.


Once the sun went down and only a little light remained on the horizon, I slowed the shutter speed right down and got my feet a little wet to capture the subtle movement in the waves.


Almost out of light, I got this one last shot showing the reflections of the pier on the wet sand. Sunsets on the beach just never get old. What a lucky gal I am to live in such a place, eh?