I’d been wanting to take a walk up Butser Hill so this was my lucky day. I even managed to convince Nigel to come with me! We went out for a cheeky lunch beforehand, and since time was getting on we decided to park up the hill and then explore from there. One day I’ll do the full walk up from the Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Honest.


The panoramic views from atop the hill were breathtaking. I had thought I had left views like this behind when we moved down from the midlands to the south coast. Perhaps the peaks are not so high, and the land not so untouched but it is beautiful all the same.




Early evening brought long shadows across the fields before the clouds covered the sun. Looking down at the gorge, there were some awesome shaped formed on the rolling hills.


As the sun came down, dark clouds gathered and we watched the rain fall in the distance over the tiny villages. As it got closer we made a break for the car in an attempt to stay dry.


On the way back we noticed a golden retriever stuck on the other side of a barbed wire fence getting all kinds of distressed. Nigel ran a quick rescue mission by placing his coat over the barbed wire and hoiking the poor pup over the fence safely. Once sure he had found his owner, we carried on back to the car park. We stopped briefly for a cheeky selfie (not easy with a chunky camera) before heading home.

Butser Hill really does seem like a perfect location for portrait sessions. With a variety of backdrops, some fantastic lighting and plenty of secluded spots for the camera-shy folk out there, I look forward to doing a session there soon!

Thanks for looking,