Love taking photos of your kids? Do you ever wish you could get better images of them? Whether you’re using your phone, a point and shoot or a big ol’ fancy camera, following these simple tips can help you get better photos of the little ones in your life.

1. Get down on their level

Great photographs aren’t about a fancy camera or expensive equipment. Great photographs are about connection.  The easiest way to get a strong sense of connection in your photos is to get down to their eye level and focus on the facial expressions they make.

2. Take candid photos of them having fun!

So many of those magical moments happen when your little ones are too busy enjoying themselves to notice the camera pointing at them. 

Whether its playing with the family, splashing around in the sea or getting lost in their imagination with their favourite toy, the truest expressions are shown when they don’t even notice the camera.

3. Just keep shooting!

Don’t try to plan for one perfect image. While you’re sitting looking at the back of your camera or phone to check if your last snap was a good’un you may miss the perfect photograph! Its impossible to predict when that perfect moment will come so just keep shooting – you then get to look through all the photos and pick your favourites once the fun is over. Gone are the days when we had to worry about the size of our film or winding on to the next frame!

4. Avoid harsh lighting

In direct midday sunlight, harsh shadows cause many photographs that would have been magical to come across as mighty underwhelming. Try to keep your little ones in shaded areas for photographs, or if that isn’t possible ensure that their backs are to the sun. This should keep harsh shadows off their faces so you keep all the detail in your images.

This was taken on a sunny day down at Southsea. I loved the purple of the flowers for the background but there was no shade to be had. Simply turning his back to the sun kept his face shaded and avoided any squinty eyes or harsh shadows.

5. Keep an eye on the background

While you’re focussing on getting gorgeous images of your little one, don’t forget to keep an eye out for distracting elements sharing the frame with them. Remove anything that distracts attention away from your subject.

how to better photos children hampshire photographer family 3

6. Get in there with them!

So often parents (especially you mums out there!) get stuck behind the camera and never end up in front of it. So eager to capture your little ones growing up, you end up with no photographs of you with your family. Once every now and again, I urge you to hand the camera to someone else. The connection between mother and child is unique and images that showcase it will mean the world to you (and to your child as they grow up) in the years to come. 

7. Edit your images

Consider editing your images after you’re done taking them. I don’t mean that you need to become a Photoshopping wizard, but there are plenty of free photo editing tools you can use to get the best out of your images! Sometimes spending just a few minutes tweaking the exposure or saturation on a photograph makes the world of difference. For on-the-go editing try the Snapseed app - its free!

Straight out of my camera this image is pretty darn cute but with a few tweaks its looking so much better! A bump in exposure and tighter crop helps keep the focus on my subject's face. It has also been warmed up to accentuate the soft light available on this late afternoon session. Makes the world of difference, don't you think?

I hope these tips inspire you to get out there and capture some fantastic photographs of your family. The best photographs are made when you are all enjoying yourselves together so don’t over think it! Just get out there, enjoy your time with your family and make some memories <3


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