What to Wear to Your Family Photography Session

We love outdoor sessions and always try to help our clients choose the perfect Hampshire location for their family session. Just as important as the location is helping you decide what you and the family are going to wear! Deciding what to wear to your portrait session can be a daunting task. These portraits will be displayed in your home for years to come and we want you to love them for every single one of them! Here are some tips to help make choosing your outfits as easy and stress-free as it should be.

Match the season

Dress for the conditions of the session. Don't shy away from coats if its freezing out! In the colder seasons, embrace the chilly weather with chunky knits, scarves and wellies. All these add to the charm of a winter family portrait and will keep everyone more comfortable! 

In the summer, think floaty dresses, sandals and sunglasses! Play with the season and weather conditions - its all about keeping it natural and keeping the focus on your and your family!


This does not mean you all have to match! Usually its best to decide on one person’s outfit first – usually mum’s. Take a look at the colours and textures in your outfit and use those as a palette for everyone elses.

You don’t all want to blend in together so try to keep to a palette of colours that complement one another, without everyone wearing the exact same thing!

Sometimes, matching outfits are adorable though - check out this adorable mother & son duo!

Layer up!


Layers work for all times of year. Not only do they allow you to keep comfortable in our ever changing weather, but they also provide quick and easy costume changes!

Scarves, jackets or a cardi add a little something to your outfit and can be lost to create a whole new one. They also add interest to a photograph without distracting focus from the stars - your family! Be sure to bring a few layers to your next family portrait session.

Think Timeless

There may be things your little ones love at the moment, but will they love them in 10 years time? We encourage you to bring along things that you and your kids love to the session, but t-shirts with large logos or slogans distract away from your faces and may not be so endearing later on.

You will enjoy your photographs for years to come and you want the focus to be on your family rather than the clothes you were wearing. Try to choose classic looks that will age well on your walls!

Bring options

If you can’t decide what you want to wear, bring some options! Doing a quick change between outfit choices gives us great variety for your images and can create an entirely different feel for a change of style.

If you're stuck for ideas before your session, we love helping out with styling for any kind of shoot. We can always help you decide what will work best with your chosen location, or you can try a couple of options - all the more to choose from at your Reveal session!

Just be you

Don’t try too hard to dress like the family or couple in that Pinterest photo.  The images from this portrait session will last a lifetime. When you’re dressed like yourselves, you will be more relaxed for the session and your personalities will be able to shine through! 

Ultimately, your family is perfect as it is. Your images will be all the more special if you all look like yourselves. As long as you're comfortable in what you're wearing - we'll do the rest. 

So when you're planning your outfits for your family photo session, just remember to be yourselves! We're here to guide you through every step of the way. For inspiration, take a look at our galleries. Get in touch to find out more about booking your next family portrait session.